Sunday, 7 June 2009

Launch Party - Friday 19th Jun

So here it is finally the day we have been waiting for, we plan to get the brand out there now over the summer and come september bang out a massive welcome party to the freshers and a new launch party!!

This lauch will be huge as well, we have brought in from Newcastle - The Futureheads.

They will be destroying Superfly with a 2 hour DJ set along side some of the best DJ's in Leicester. Superfly's own Medley, Team Hollands Luno & Organic DJ's as well as the man himself Richie K - Amber Gamblers.

We should be doing a £5 on the door

so make sure you get down there for some cheap drinks on a friday night and some great music!!

hope to see you all there.

We may put tickets on sale, over the summer i will let you know about the ideas and themes behind this night and all our other ideas for the new academic year!

Anand G

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Team Holland Presents:

Hi all, instead of trying to create a website from scratch or wasting time on multiple groups and events we are going to do things simple here at Team Holland Presents. We plan to keep the facebook group as simple, and from september make events off that group. We will also use the Superfly Group page to make events and finally use this blog page to link events, customers of the week and all sorts you can view the best pictures from the night here, download mix tapes from artists who play at one of our nights and all sorts of things! Its a new way to do things and why not!

So Team Holland Presents was an idea thrown around by 2 students who were involved in student promoting at DMU. After 2 years of running my own nights, I Anand G began DMU and working for some student promoters in Leicester. It soon became apparent that the need for nights run by students for students was needed.

After Christmas of my first year at uni, i started a night and after some fierce competion and dirty handed tactics we can proudly say we came out on top, and ran some succesful nights. We hosted some huge names like Good Shoes & T2 and some local talent like Shivoo, DJ SS, Kontakt, Organic, Amber Gamblers & HRM. Now in our final weeks of the year, Team Holland Presents was born.

Team Holland Presents is run by Anand G - The Gaffer

20 years young, 6ft 8 and bit of a belly, has been promoting for over 3 years now. I have hosted more than 70 live bands and over 60 DJ's and have done just over 100 nights. I hail from Leicester but have travelled round the world twice. I love everything about music and have my own radio show on saturday nights (107.5 Demon FM - The BeatBox). Studying BSc Radio Production and shall be starting my 2nd Year in Sept 2009.

2nd in command the Captain - Oliver Liam Nelson

Born and raised in Oxford, the grandson to the original Helicopter designer, Oli Nelson is just about to turn 17 (19 i think?)! Though he can pass off as a 7 year old quite easily! Studying Drama and to be a fresher once more, this man will be making sure everyone who attends a Team Holland night is having a good time, if you want anything he's your man. He will be the eyes and the ear of the team and will be your first port of call!

The family is ever growing so if you find yourself in need to work with some of the best people in town, we are the ones you need to seek out!

Over the summer we will introduce you to the clubs, and the people. Adverts for events will be up on here and all sorts of information, so make sure you check each and every day to find out what Team Holland Presents can do for you!

Team Holland Presents