Sunday, 7 June 2009

Launch Party - Friday 19th Jun

So here it is finally the day we have been waiting for, we plan to get the brand out there now over the summer and come september bang out a massive welcome party to the freshers and a new launch party!!

This lauch will be huge as well, we have brought in from Newcastle - The Futureheads.

They will be destroying Superfly with a 2 hour DJ set along side some of the best DJ's in Leicester. Superfly's own Medley, Team Hollands Luno & Organic DJ's as well as the man himself Richie K - Amber Gamblers.

We should be doing a £5 on the door

so make sure you get down there for some cheap drinks on a friday night and some great music!!

hope to see you all there.

We may put tickets on sale, over the summer i will let you know about the ideas and themes behind this night and all our other ideas for the new academic year!

Anand G

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